The Department of Printing Services, also known as Government Press was established in 1894 with the mandate of being a Government Printing Press. The mandate of the Department was enhanced in 1970 when it was re-designated to operate as a Treasury Fund under Section 17 of the Finance and Audit Act and Section 37:01 of the Laws of Malawi. This new mandate broadened its horizon to operate on commercial basis by charging its customers both from government and the private sector on full absorption costing system to enable it to generate revenue to sustain its operations.

The Department is headquartered in Lilongwe but has its major printing works in Zomba with sub-printing offices in Lilongwe and Mzuzu. The Government Press is still a very big asset to Government because of the expertise, quality and security of Government documentation and information which it provides apart from providing similar services to the private sector institutions.

1.    Vision

“Leader in the provision of quality printing services in the country”

2.    Mission

The Mission of the Department has been revised and it now reads as:

“To be leaders in the provision of quality printing services through the use of modern technology and professional and competent staff in order to contribute to the sustainable socio- economic development of the country.”

3.    Core Values

DPS’s Strategic direction will be guided by the following core values as its guiding principles:

3.1 Professionalism

DPS shall discharge its duties according to ethical behavior, skills and competencies required of printing press professionals.

3.2 Integrity

DPS shall discharge its duties according to the expectations and requirements of its stakeholders in an honest and responsible manner.

3.3 Customer Centric

The Department will ensure that the needs of its customers are put as first priority and the customer will be treated as a king.

3.4 Transparency and Accountability

DPS shall ensure that its members of staff discharge their duties in an honest and open manner, whilst being mindful of the confidentiality of privileged information, and will collectively be held accountable by accepting responsibility for their actions.

3.5 Equity and Equality

DPS shall treat its customers and members of staff in a just and fair manner without discrimination based on gender, sex, race, religion, poverty, elderly, disability, etc.

3.6 Teamwork

DPS shall encourage teamwork amongst its members to benefit from their synergies to achieve best results.

3.7 Innovativeness

DPS shall strive to address its challenges in the production of printed products by encouraging its members of staff to be creative to improve service delivery

Contact us

The Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Office of the President and Cabinet, Capital Hill Circle, Private Bag 301, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.

Tel: +2651789311 / +2651789 411


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