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President Lazarus Chakwera attended to members’ questions on the State Of Nation Address (SONA) he delivered in the Parliament of Malawi on May 12 as he was opening the 3rd meeting of the 49th budget session.

In his answering to a question from the Member of Parliament for Mzimba Solola, Honorable Jacob Hara, who asked the President “How he will ensure that the budget formulation process and MDAs align themselves to the national agenda and vision as stipulated in the SONA”, President Chakwera pointed out that the SONA was generally to give an indication of the policy priorities and developmental direction and not to give an exhaustive itemized list of all the programs and projects that will be a manifestation thereof across the country.

Chakwera added that his Minister of Finance will preempt all the on-budget and off-budget projects that his administration will be pursuing. Here President Chakwera urged all Malawians not to rush to conclusion that some roads not mentioned in his SONA ars the roads that will not be worked on.

Answering a question posed by the Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Central, Honorable Dr. Albert Mbawala on “What strategies are in place to increase electricity generation capacity in the country”, President Lazarus Chakwera told the house and the entire nation that in the next four years his administration will add more than 1000 Megawatts of electricity which exclude the 350 MW, 90MW and 41MW power projects at Mpatamanga, Songwe and Mbongozi respectively but include the 15 projects of which 9 of them are to be completed this year with the remaining 6 projects to be finished by 2025.

Apart from the two submitted specific questions, President Chakwera tackled some general and supplementary questions from different members of Parliament.




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